About us

The Yes Sure group of companies is one of the most dynamic and innovative business groups in the Middle East. The Yes Sure Group can trace its roots to decades of trade between Jordan and Iraq that was pursued relentlessly by a modest trading company since the early 90s. Two decades on, the values of that modest firm still lives on in the Yes Sure Group of companies.

The Middle East is one of the most exciting and fastest growing regions in the world. Yes Sure is proud to play a role in contributing to its growth and in helping the region and our esteemed partners to develop and prosper. We take this experience and apply it to new and expanding markets, enabling us and our partners to tap into new opportunities.

We seek to combine the heritage of the Middle East and the cosmopolitan culture of the UAE with integrity and ethical business practices to deliver quality services and products to our clients and customers. We seek to maintain relationships with our clients, increase our reach and broaden our horizons to ensure that we contribute to the growth and help realize the potential of the UAE economy and people.

The Yes Sure group of companies operates in several sectors including real estate, interior design, car rental and general trading, all with an integrated approach and a dedication to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our quality of service as we strive to build and maintain our reputation as a trusted partner across the region and the world.

Our extensive regional experience in the Middle East makes us the ideal partner of choice. We combine experience with the latest skills, technology and knowledge to deliver superior results and value to all our stakeholders. We bring forth a unique sense of business prowess that is unparalleled. We focus on helping your company build and establish lasting relationships. With our expertise and in depth market know how, we look forward to establishing and maintaining a stronghold in Dubai to cater to all the requirements of our clients.

Our business strategy and progressive vision is to continuously expand, evolve and grow along with the region we serve.

YES SURE CAR RENTAL LLC - 24603 (9001)